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Blika, Tórshavn. 373 likes. - Arctic Import - ein veitari til næstan.We are time travellers. We can speak across time to ancestors and lean on their power and knowledge. "Mehcinut" (meh-jin-nud) is out on all platforms today! You can order my album, Wolastoqiyik.Seigle (Secale cereale) Peu exigeante, cette céréale pousse presque partout, dans les terres pauvres et les climats froids, jusqu'en montagne. La plante ressemble au blé, mais avec un épi plus court et barbu. Elle est utilisée sous forme de farine et on en fait un pain un peu acide, à la mie dense, qui se conserve.In the early 8th century, Diauehi became the target of the newly emerged regional power of Urartu. Both Menua (810–785 BC) and Argishti I (785–763 BC) campaigned against the Diauehi king, Utupurshi (c. 810–770 BC), annexing his southernmost possessions and forcing him to pay tribute, which included copper, silver.

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