25 fps pohudeem comentarii și comentarii


pierderea in greutate chiar de la modelul malyshevoytarelka

I have a question concerning the framerate in the timeline. In the Master Project settings I set the playback framerate to 25 FPS. In the "Conform .I get that 25fps is the European PAL TV standard. But in the digital age,those standards are all but dead.-Mobile devices all over the world are .May 3, 2017 My question is being that I can manually control the flickering, should I record with Pal (Native format in Aus) or should I use NTSC. Do the two .Stemu wrote: Can someone explain me why majority of "professional" videos in youtube are 24/25 fps? For example most nice music videos.

obezitate morbidă de a pierde în greutate